Welcome to vBO Belgians, the joined site for van Balderlo & le Baiser Orageux Malinois & Laekenois kennels. Paul Vloemans' van Balderlo line has been established for over 20 years and won dozens of Champion titles all over the world. Claire Dupuis' le Baiser Orageux started out in 1996 and is reputed among the best French Malinois kennels. Together, those two names combine the finest Belgian bloodlines anywhere, years of experience and a neverending passion for the breed. We strive for true original type along with genuine Belgian character and working abilities.

Our puppies are registered with the LOF or LOSH, tattooed and have received their first shots. They are available around 7 to 9 weeks. We ship worldwide.
Multi-Champion Koran van Balderlo
Need further information ? E-mail us : nianys@club-internet
Nianys du Baiser Orageux
Claire Dupuis & Paul Vloemans
2300 Turnhout - Belgium.
(32) 014/42 36 27 - (33) 01 60 61 62 43